Collectable President Trump Troll

  • MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: A legend has spread all o’er the land, through forest, valley and knoll, of a Golden Haired mythical figure known as President Trump the Troll. His ideas he said are “tremendous and huge,” and then went on to explain, that by voting for him he’d surely win and make America Great Again.
  • FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA: From the mountains to the valleys, this Trump Troll doll is your little portable pal. Pop him up on your dashboard or keep him on your desk. He is excellent company wherever you go through this great nation.
  • YUGE THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES: Standing at 4 inches tall, give or take some hair, everyone agrees that this doll is the most attractive troll on the market. There is no fake news about it, this is the one, the only original Trump Troll for friends, fans, and foes alike.
  • A MAN WITH TREMENDOUS STYLE: Head to toe, this troll is Trump to the capital T. From his signature red tie, great swooping hair, and even the tiny hands, the likeness is uncanny. People will be wondering how you got security clearance to kick it with the pres.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll - Hair to the Chief. Wild Hair Designs product. Approximately 4 inches tall. Designed in the USA. Crafted in China. Recommended for ages 13+ years.

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