Custom Toys & Art Show at P!Q Hudson Yards


About this Event

We would love to invite you to the opening night of our new Custom Toys & Art Show, TRAVELIN' CREATURES, with Javier Jiménez, which will take place on Friday, July 12th at 7 pm at P!Q Hudson Yards (20 Hudson Yards, 4th Floor).

Travelin' Creatures will be featuring 25 artists from all over the world that are customizing figures of Watari Kappa, a character created by Javier Jimenez under the Watari Dreams brand. Although the opening night will be on July 12th, the show will be open from July 12th to July 31st.


Watari Dreams brand has its own unique universe where many different characters with their own stories exist and interact with each other, all under the common central theme of traveling and exploring new places and cultures. In Watari Dreams, every character is a wanderer with it’s own reason for traveling.


Watari Kappa is a small kappa girl who got bored of living in a pond and decided to set sail and explore the world.


Arsin / Betso / Brankanu / Brent Nalasco / Buckaruni / Camilla dErrico / Candie Bolton / Clear Eclair / Cristina Ravenna / DROLDN / DoruDoru / Flycomet / Ghetto Plastic / Jared the Circus Bear / Javier Jiménez / Jellykoe / Josh Mayhem / MJ Hsu / Mark Nagata / Melodreama / Naoshi / Scribble Toad / Seulgie / SoKo Cat / Tasha Zimich / The Bots / Yamazaru / Yoyo Yeung / Zard

We hope to see you there!