Four Letter Words Puzzle - F*CK

Love puzzles and four-letter words? The Four Letter Puzzles - F*CK is the perfect gift idea for your saltier friends or as a conversation starter on your own desk. Have a little fun with four-letter words and assembling these fun puzzle pieces.

The bonus with the Four Letter Puzzles - F*CK is that each letter of this four-letter puzzle is its own individual puzzle. It's a 4-in-1 fun gifting option that lets you spell out different words. Knock Knock creates this approximately 500-piece puzzle with their usual quality and style, including hints of gold foil. 

Four Letter Puzzles - F*CK Features:

  • Jigsaw puzzles that spell it out for you—in this case, F-U-C-K
  • Knock Knock stuff: a real conversation piece!
  • Approximately 500-piece puzzle with gold foil

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