Top 10 Selling Books in 2019 at P!Q


Hi, everyone! This page includes a list of the 10 best-selling books at P!Q along this year. They are ranked by number of copies sold. Enjoy!

  1. Baby Shark


Some people say that Baby Shark has its origin in a South Korean old singalong chant that dates back dozens of years. Others say that it is actually a popular children’s song in Germany. Whatever its origin, the Baby Shark song performed by Pinkfong has conquered 2019, and left us cute books like this one with 10 abridged songs, colorful illustrations, and child-friendly grip.


2. I am Pusheen the Cat


Pusheen, the female cartoon cat created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, is one the favorite characters at P!Q. I Am Pusheen the Cat tells the adventures of Pusheen as well as tips for cat owners, and it’s filled with adorable illustrations! A must-have for Pusheen fans.


3. Mini Kawaii Doodle Class


The popular Youtube artist Pic Candle shows you how to sketch cute tacos, sushi, clouds, flowers, and more in this Mini Kawaii Doodle Class. It features nearly 100 lovable characters and includes simple step-by-step illustrations and instructions, search-and-find puzzle patterns, inspiration boards, and drawing pages to get your doodle party started!


4. Night-Night New York City


Night-Night New York City is a beautiful bedtime book that transports the little ones of the house to all your favorite places in New York City, including the Bronx Zoo, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Coney Island, and more.


5. Pokemon Super Deluxe Handbook


If you are serious about learning, collecting and playing Pokemon, this is a great up to date book, with 496 color pages and information on over 800 Pokémon.


6. Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump


In the hilarious The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump, the author, Rob Sears, take Donald Trump's tweets and transcripts, cut them up and reorder them to create a trove of beautiful verse. This groundbreaking collection gives readers a glimpse of Trump's innermost thoughts and feelings on everything from the nature of truth, to what he hates about Lord Sugar.


7. Gudetama's Guide to Life


Gudetama, one of our favorite Sanrio characters (don’t miss out our post Meet Gudetama!), has its own self-improvement book: Gudetama’s Guide to Life. It comes packed with helpful lessons, inspiring quotes and mind-blowing advice that will have you laying around like an egg in no time!


8. BTS: Test Your Super-Fan Status


How well do you know BTS? This BTS book is a must have for fans of the South Korean K-Pop band. It comes packed with puzzles, quizzes, games and more, about the band to test your Super-Fan status. Who did Suga say were his favorite boy band?


9. NYC Monsters


New York City Monsters is a cute search and find book for kids. It takes them on a sightseeing adventure through the most emblematic spots in the Big Apple, while finding the hidden little monsters.


10. Scratch and Sketch: New York City


Scratch and Sketch New York City is a cool art activity book and great gift from the Big Apple. Scratch the white outlines with the wooden stylus to revel colorful swirls or glittery foil beneath. It includes pages in gold, silver glitter, and colors, extra pages for sketching and doodling, informative pages, and more.


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Sarut Piq