Meet Gudetama!


Gudetama is one of the newest characters of Sanrio, the Japanese mega-company that created Hello Kitty. The gude of Gudetama's name means lazy in Japanese and the tama is taken from tamago, which means egg.

Born in 2013, Gudetama is a cute egg yolk that embodies pure boredom and laziness. She or he (Gudetama has no gender since, as Sanrio says, it's an unfertilized egg) just likes to lay around, sleep under a bacon blanket, and occasionally complain. This slacker attitude resonates with passive millennials, who have trouble communicating, and their listless and relaxed attitude.

“Eggs are yummy… boiled, baked or raw. There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy (gude gude in Japanese). Look closely and you will see the eggs that you eat lack spunk.”


Gudetama is not the first Japanese character to tap into a love of food. In fact, Japan has a cultural lineage of delicious mascots. Food as fashion follows from the kimokawaii trend ("gross-cute"), which is popular among Japanese high-school fashionistas. 

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