15 Cool Back to School Supplies at P!Q

It’s time to go back to school and at P!Q we want to help you pick the trendiest supplies. Let your loved ones be the envy of the playground… or the office! 😎

  1. Cute pencil case

line friends pencil case.jpg

2. Panda Battery Bank

power bank panda.jpg

3. Colorful planners

stay golden and here comes planners.jpg

4. Notes on a roll

notes on a roll.jpg

5. Food Truck Lunch Box

suck uk food truck.jpg

6. T-Rex Pencil Sharpener

t rex pencil sharpener.jpg

7. The Illustrated Compendium of Ugly English Words

8. GRL Power Pencils

grl power pencils.jpg

9. BFF Bracelet Scented Erasers


10. Cool Layflat Journals


11. Pusheen Earbuds

pusheen earbuds.jpg

12. Dumbo Backpack


What’s your favorite item in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sarut Piq